Thursday, November 26, 2009

If Only

By Jan M. Smith 2009

The season of love has passed my door
The hour of sunshine is fading fast
The year of passion lingers unrequited
And the memory of a lover leaves a tear

How high are those mountains that we build in our lives
To climb and cross over to our success
That once we get there we are grasping for the next ring of silver
But our mirrors do not lie and it is over at last

If we could walk through those same meadows filled with sunlight still
And linger with the film fallen from our eyes
And if life’s worries and stresses could be put to the side
Would we hold each other tight, only to each other abide?

Or would we, as did Adam and Eve, find a way to destroy our lives
Take what could be perfect, what should be ideal
And twist it until we no longer saw ourselves in the play
But two strangers lost in pain leaving innocent children to pay.

I have loved you more than I could ever have hoped to love
I have given you all that was within me to give
I surely could have expressed it better and made you feel good
But in my heart there was no more room for you to live

The great white sadness that comes over me and threatens my air
Is the deep despair at what could have been for our old time in our life
We will grow old together and hold hands as we die
But so much was lost, such precious devotion given, unrequited

You were the love of my life, you hear those words
But you were the love of my life, my life
This is the only life that I get, my just one
And I gave it to you, just to you. Why not just me?

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