Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Right Now

By Jan M Smith May 2010

I am not so angry with you at this time
I do not feel like I want to shred your heart in your chest
I am numb if the truth be told and feel nothing
And I am not sure if that is what is for the best.

The crisis of always remembering
Of thinking of you being unfaithful and a liar
Seeing you inside my mind with my friends
Making love, or laughing in the night.

Those visions made me want to slap you
Just slap you until you could not breathe
Make you cry and cry like I cry
Make you cry and cry and then heave

But right now I feel nothing, nothing
I am numb and just want to get on
It is an odd way to feel after all the visions
Right now, but who knows bout later on.

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