Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pin Ball Pain

By Jan M. Smith May 2010

In a group from one to the other
Sharing pain fired off in a rapid way
Bouncing from one but sticking on another
Bringing enlightenment and new meaning on Monday.

We are different in the very same way
We are rich and we are poor and we cry
We all have spouses who care more about a climax
Than the fact that they make us want to die.

Our eyes are all tired and they are alert
We are a contradiction all around the room
We are young and we are older
But regardless of our age we all feel the doom

Men children have brought our worlds to it's knees
Men babies and their tantrums need to have a time out
Men tots need their asses kicked
But we all have lived our lives afraid of this lot.

But in this group, one from the other
We share our pain and it is not so rapid this way
Our eyes fill with tears for ourselves and each other
And we go off and come back again next Monday.

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