Thursday, September 27, 2012


They call it many things, this feeling.  It can start in my arms, or it can start in my stomach.  Sometimes it feels like a tuning fork.  Sometimes it feels like a nest of bees under my skin.

Sometimes it is in my thighs, and calves.  It is usually in my arms, both of them.  It is in my hands.  It is in my face sometimes.  The weirdest places are in my body, in my torso.

When it is a reverberation of my heartbeat, that is weird weird.  I then am not sure if I am having problems with my heartbeat again or not.  I do not like that.

If you have ever smoked pot you may have had a similar feeling, it is like rushes.  Where you get feelings on the top of your skin, and it is running along the sensory nerve endings.  That is how it is, but all the time.  When it is really bad, it translates to the inside of my mouth and I have a hard time talking.  It will go down my throat.  I usually say that I feel like I am going to have a seizure and my tongue go down my throat.  That is what I mean.

Stress makes it worse.

The buzz.

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