Friday, January 22, 2010

That Ole Familiar Feeling

By Jan M. Smith 1/2010

Just when things get to feelin like somethin
And the windshield of your life seems clear to the other side
Some big bird flies over and shits on it
And distorts your vision makin it seem like that other time

Just when your stomach seems all settled
And your favorite foods begin to taste good on the tip of your tongue
You bite into an apple some worm done took a dump in
And your throat cannot swallow that lump

Just when the world seems less cloudy,
And you see the blue sky up above trying to peek through
A cold north wind swoops down on your heart
And you feel the same desolation you did from the start

Just when you think you can finally hear the birds sing
You can feel your toe tapping with a smile in your mind
You hear one name, or that one, or the worst one
And a high pitched sound comes and blocks out the sun

I want no more 'just whens' because I am so weary
I would rather just lay down and die
No ones heart can live and die over and over
No ones, no not even mine.

I miss you Daddy.

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