Wednesday, December 16, 2009

White Wash

By Jan M Smith, 12/2009

If you scratch at it's surface
If you peel away all the dirt
You may get to smell the nasty
That lurks in the soul of his work

It really was not the way that you think
Not so awful, so crude, so full of filth
It was somehow more sterile and clean
Somehow she was not a pig he winks

Oh hell yes she was a pig a slut a whore
She was not a friend, she was trash on my floor
But you were a pig too my friend, it is a fact
You cannot white wash over this any more

I am disgusted by both of your acts
I am disgusted by the woman that you chose
I am disgusted by what a liar you both have been
I am disgusted that everyone knows

So put your paint brush back in your pocket
Put that bucket into the trash
Maybe she will catch it when you dump it
So it won't hit her in her fat ass.

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