Friday, December 18, 2009

Look What Feel Out Of The Sky

By Jan M Smith

Something fell onto my shoulder
Or maybe it fell into my heart
It was the betrayal of another friend
Another from whom I shall part

That something was disrespect for my person
It was treating my heart as if it were worth spit
She said to me "God it was nothing"
"We both were just drunker than shit".

Well, let me tell you something my "old" friend
My old friend who never really was
You knew he had broken my heart with another
And what you did was something, and it gives me pause.

Why did you hide it and go away and not tell?
Why did you deceive your husband and me?
Because it was wrong and you know it you bitch
Just another turd to hang on your lifes empty tree.

I have quite a collection of slut friends it seems
How in the world did all you girls grow up to be whores
My husband is not that handsome, please, are you so empty?
That you cannot look somewhere else to score.

So bye bye, see ya later, hit tha road, we are done
I am through with the likes of people who think like you
If you had said, "I am so sorry, I have regretted it all these years"
I may have got through this, after I cried this bucket of tears.

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